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Statement for Immediate Release: United For Change COVID Emergency Calls for Action, Demands, and Candidates For A Better Union

Highlights of our 2021 podcasts

13 Reasons Why We Should Have An Electronic Voting Option In the Spring UFT 2022 Elections - even if Mulgrew And Company Want To Stop You From Having It.

David Sciarra on how litigation plus political organizing has resulted in more equitable funding for schools

A Conversation with T. Grant, Parent Community Organizer

The Campaign for Smaller Classes with Michael Mulgrew

Historic Launch of United For Change UFT Slate

Smaller Class Size, Now - An Open Letter to UFT President Michael Mulgrew and UFT leadership

Inside UFT Politics and History: How the Nation's Most Powerful Union Impacts NYC Public Schools (Part 3) with James Eterno

The Dark Money Behind School Privatization

A Conversation w/ Dr. Sam Anderson - Community & Mayoral Control

Rally for Healthcare, Health and Safety: Wed. October 13th at UFT Headquarters

A Conversation with Donald Nesbit of Local 372 and DC 37

Historic Rally for Healthcare, Health and Safety: October 13th at 4 pm, UFT Headquarters - Join Us

Rescheduled: How UNSAFE are NYC schools?: Educators Speak Out, Zoom Event, Wednesday, 10-6 at 7 PM

RSVP - How UNSAFE are NYC schools?: Educators Speak Out, Zoom Event, Wednesday, 9-29 at 7 PM

Audrey Watters on the history of teaching machines in our schools and the misuse of ed tech today

Council Member Mark Levine on his concerns with the health and safety protocols in the NYC school reopening plan

Keeping our Children and Schools Safe: Discussing School Reopening with Tajh Sutton and Dr. Kaliris Salas-Ramirez of Parents for Responsive, Equitable, and Safe Schools

Now over 2K signatures for #PROTECTNYC Safety Demands Petition: Share it and also sign ONE more for a Remote Learning Option.

The debate over "No excuses" charter schools with Joanne Golann

We Demand Safety Now or Safety Walkouts. #ProtectNYC

Inside UFT Politics and History (Part 2) : How The Nation’s Most Powerful Teachers Union Impacted NYC Public Schools

Hot button issues for NYC Schools: Listeners call in

Inside UFT Politics and History (Part 1) : How The Nation’s Most Powerful Teachers Union Impacted NYC Public Schools

The Creation, Implementation, and Failure of Common Core Standards With Tom Loveless

Critical Race Theory within the context of NYC public education with Dr. Denisha Jones and Dr. David E. Kirkland

Reminder: Democracy Forum for Sunday, 6/27

Bronx parents advocate for the option of remote learning in the fall & Ross Barkan on what the results of the primaries mean for NYC schools

Interview with Mark Cannizzaro, president of the CSA, the principal and school administrators union

Democracy EONYC Forum: Rescheduled for June 27th, 2021 at 7 PM

Police Intervention in student mental health crises and how to make schools more healing-centered

How Schools Should Reopen Safely & Well Next year with Randi Weingarten and Mark Treyger

The Importance of the Upcoming Elections For Our Schools and the DOE’s Plans For Next Year

Class Size Matters: We're With Her and Our Students

Video Release: EONYC May Forum - See You In September: What Should Next School Year

PEP Member Tom Sheppard and Board of Regents Member Kathleen Cashin on Education Policy, Testing, and Class Size

Tonight, 7 PM: EONYC's May Forum: What Should Next School Year Look Like?

Panelists Set for EONYC May Forum: What Should Next School Year Look Like?

NYC Council Member Danny Dromm on his experiences as a 4th grade teacher in Queens, as a LGBTQ Activist, and now powerful Chair of the Finance Committee

Preliminary Results Begin To Roll In: See You In September Forum Survey



The need for more transparency, accountability and parent input with the new state & federal school funds; guest NeQuan McLean, President of CEC 16

Endorse or Not: Video Release

This Sunday, Special Event: Should We Endorse or Not?

Sen. Robert Jackson & parent activist Johanna Garcia on winning full Foundation Aid for NYC Public Schools and how those funds should be spent

State budget deal for NYC Schools and Principal tells us how his school has managed with challenges this year and what next year should include

PEP Member Tom Sheppard Speaks on federal funds for school reopening, class size, and school closures in the Bronx

PEP Member Tom Sheppard Speaks on the our new Chancellor, Remote Learning, Testing, and Mayoral Control

Reopening Schools with Randi Weingarten and reporting on NYC Chancellor's resignation & remote learning with Amy Zimmer of ChalkbeatNY

The Teacher as Living Martyr

Here's Why All Caucuses Must Be Supported By the UFT...

Organizing Mutual Aid Education and School Funding Reparations

Lucy, Charlie and the Football


A community of NYC public school educators. We are reimagining better public schools for ALL, together.

Student Organizing With Teens Take Charge

Fighting For School Budgets and Student Privacy

Black Lives Matter at Schools With Brian Jones

Standardized Testing, COVID-19, and Opting Out

Redesigning Schools Post-COVID With Jal Mehta