Who We Are

Who We Are

Educators of NYC’s THE WIRE and THE DIGEST are media and news content platforms powered by The Educators of NYC.

We are a community of professional & dedicated NYC public school educators. 

As part of our activism and advocacy, we are committed to delivering quality digital content to our local school communities, educators, parents, families, and students because we believe in the power of education and informed rights holders.

Our priorities are to champion: Equity and Justice. Democracy. Accountability. Responsiveness. Unionism. Professionalism & Pedagogy.

We are reimagining better public schools for ALL, together.

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Educators of NYC is a community of NYC public school educators. We are reimagining better public schools for ALL, together. Our priorities are - Equity & Justice, Democracy, Accountability, Responsiveness, Unionism, Professionalism & Pedagogy.


A community of professional, dedicated and concerned NYC public school educators. We are reimagining better public schools for ALL, together.
Dad. Educator. Disrupter. God wrestler. A lead organizer of EONYC.
Union Activist Hunter College Adjunct Retired NYC Social Studies Teacher
Author, Ed in the Apple, the intersection of education and politics, career teacher, union activist, president, CCNY Education Alumni
Member of UFT Executive Board and Co-Chair of New Action Caucus
Publisher of ednotesonline.com blog, NYC retired public school teacher, activist in union, UFT, ICE/UFT, Retiree Advocate/UFT.
Retired teacher • Union activist • Home coffee roaster • Fountain pen & ink lover • Bicycling enthusiast • Candidate for UFT Retired Teachers Chapter Leader on the Retiree Advocate/UFT slate
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