Mar 3, 2021 • 55M

Reopening Schools with Randi Weingarten and reporting on NYC Chancellor's resignation & remote learning with Amy Zimmer of ChalkbeatNY

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Educators of NYC
A weekly podcast and radio show on WBAI 99.5 FM NYC, hosted by Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters, and Daniel Alicea of Educators of NYC. We speak about the issues and controversies affecting public schools and public education in New York City, statewide and nationally.
Episode details
  • US Department of Education decision to reject states’ request for waivers from mandated standardized testing

  • Leaked DOE memo from July 2020 on the gifted program.

  • National polls from Morning Consult and Pew show a majority of voters believe teachers should be vaccinated before schools reopen

  • My blog on why Biden should focus on getting teachers vaccinated rather than making them administer standardized tests

  • Letter from CM Dromm/Treyger about making sure federal funding programs doesn’t allow states and district to cut back by same or greater amount

  • Chalkbeat on Carranza’s resignation and record

  • NYPD plans to hire 475 School Safety agents this year

  • Districts elsewhere are moving these agents from police to school control and diverting funds to hiring more social workers and counselors

  • Chalkbeat reports on struggles of families of 3rd-graders doing remote learning