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Legislative Alert: Call to Action! City Council to Vote on Eliminating Protections in Admin Code 12-126 Next Week

Our Next 'Talk Out of School' Radio/Podcast Show May Feature ...YOU!

Call To Action, Wed, Dec 21 at 3:30 PM: WE SAY NO!

Talk Out of School: Book-banning in schools

Halabi: Collusion and Bullying by OLR/UFT/MLC (Mulgrew et al)

UFT Leadership's Dangerous 2018 Giveback has put us all at Risk

Halabi: Why did Campion write the 10/28 Office of Labor Relations Letter on Health Care?

Talk Out of School Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Susan Edelman, Veteran News Reporter

Talk Out of School: Upcoming Interview with Veteran News Reporter, Sue Edelman

UFT Leadership Says Letting City Pay Less = Improved Health Care

Schools can’t afford to lose any more Black male educators

The History of Segregation in NYC public schools, with Professor Christopher Bonastia

Union members from Left, Right, Center Unite to fight City/UFT Leaders in Healthcare battle and their Desperate Lies and Distortions, as they Blame Retiree Resistance

Cuts to NYC schools will stand after appeals court overturns budget redo

What would a fair UFT contract look like?

TOS: A Conversation with Marianne Pizzitola about the NYC Teacher, City Worker and Retiree Healthcare Debacle

Public schools are NYC’s main youth mental health system. Where kids land often depends on what their parents can pay.

Exclusive TOS Interview: A Conversation with Marianne Pizzitola, President of The NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees

Opinion: Who’s To Blame for Our NYC Teacher Health Care Debacle?

#TeacherTikTok: Gaspare Randazzo

Virtual Town Hall to 'Save Our Healthcare': Sunday, Nov 13, 7 PM

Halabi: The Proposed Amendment to 12-126 Threatens the Healthcare of In-service NYC Workers, As Well

Breaking NYCDOE Press Release: Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks announce that no school will lose money due to mid-year enrollment losses

Educators of NYC Launches 'The Digest': An education news aggregator newsletter site

TOS: A Conversation with Mark Cannizzaro, CSA President

Exposing the Adams/Mulgrew Threat to Our Healthcare: Untangling the Confusion- Retiree Advocate - Sunday Nov. 6, 7PM

A 'No Confidence Vote' for UFT's Michael Mulgrew? #handsoffourhealthcare

Combating Hate Speech, controversial principal at PS 333, & middle school admissions

Hands Off Our Healthcare: Time to Put The City Council, The Mayor and Mulgrew on Notice -We're the Union.

NYC Parent Leaders Making a Difference

Shino Tanikawa, Regents member, talks testing, equity, Yeshivas and more

NYC Parent Advocates Speak Out About The Student Transportation Crisis

Let's Move Forward as a Union Family (and adults)

Interview with Michael Mulgrew, President of the UFT

A conversation with faith leaders about the budget cuts to schools

A Conversation about the Teacher Shortage and Why Teachers Are Leaving the Classroom - w/ Liat Olenick and Annie Tan

A Conversation about NYC School Ventilation w/ Reyhan Mehran, Sarah Allen, Melissa Williams

The Historic NYC School Budget Cuts Lawsuit Decision Explained; Also, Meet Sheree Gibson, Newest NYC PEP member

The Lawsuit Against the NYC School Budget Cuts Explained

Find Out More About The Lawsuit Against NYC's School Budget Cuts - Monday, July 25th, 2022 at 4 PM

A Conversation About the Fight Against NYC School Budget Cuts - w/ Prof. Noliwe Rooks, Matt Gonzales and Shoshana Brown

New charter school regs with Carol Burris & a convo with NY Sen. Jabari Brisport

A Conversation a NYC School Budget Cuts w/ Parents and Educators

On the Yaffed win in court requiring quality education for Yeshiva students: A convo with Naftuli Moster and Beatrice Weber

The Hybrid Delegate Assembly Problem: My Open Letter to UFT Leadership

A Conversation with Dyslexia Activists, Dr. Akeela Azcuy and Naomi Peña

Interview with NY Sen. John Liu & two new parent activists appointed to the PEP

Help us push the legislature to lower class size!

A Conversation with NYC Educators: Jonathan Halabi and Newly Elected UFT HS Executive Board

Conversation with Rep. Jamaal Bowman

A Conversation About Solutions Not Suspensions with Heather Clarke and Amshula Jayaram

A Conversation with NYC Educators - Dr. Doris Lee and Christina Gavin

How to navigate the special ed system in NYC public schools


A Conversation with Noah Teachey and Arlene Laverde

A Conversation with Prof Yohuru Williams about the Push to Censor US History in Schools

A Conversation with NYC Occupational & Physical Therapists - Their Recent Challenges

We Need A Stronger Contract – We Don’t Trust Mulgrew to Deliver Raises That Outpace Inflation, Smaller Classes, and Stronger Protections.

What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, and Democracy at the UFT Delegate Assembly?

A Conversation with Dr. Dale Farran on the impact of Pre-K programs

A Conversation with Camille Eterno: NYC Educator and Parent, Candidate for UFT President

Help Our Campaign For A Better Union: Donate to United For Change

Education Activists around the country on what their districts have done during Covid pandemic

A Conversation with NYC Educators: Podcast hosts Matt and Abby & ATRS Peter and Kathy

A Conversation with Mark Cannizzaro

Recap of De Blasio record, what we might expect of Eric Adams, and school safety during the Omicron Surge