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The New Class Size Law - Will the NYC DOE Comply?/The School Calendar Controversy

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Dan Alicea
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Melissa Williams, UFT Chapter Leader for occupation and physical therapists and Jessica Lerner, an OT, shared their thoughts on the petition fighting the elimination of the last 2 days of Passover from the 23-24 NYC DOE calendar while adding up to 5 more extra workdays. We also discussed other problems school communities and populations are having with the calendar.

In the second segment, we shared excerpts from the Parent Action Conference presentation by Leonie Haimson about the new class size law and the path to compliance by the City.


Session Slide Notes - The new class size law: is DOE prepared to comply?

Announcement: Annual Parent Conference on Saturday  6-11 

Restore DOE Passover Observance Days 2023-2024 School Year Sign-on Form

JTA: NYC public schools don’t have the final two days of Passover off next year. A petition is trying to change that

Chalkbeat: NYC’s 2023-24 school calendar is out, and many teachers aren’t happy

OT/PTS for A Fair Contract

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