Peter, Los Angeles and Chicago disprove the claim in your piece that strikes are disastrous for teacher unions. That claim is wrong, very wrong. We are losing precisely because we rely only on bureaucratic techniques that tend to favor the employer. As for the Taylor Law penalties, our union leadership should be pushing to get rid of them, not rallying against doing so at our delegate assemblies.

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The right to strike is fundamental to American labor law... Workers are not indentured servants, bound to continue laboring until any planned work stoppage would be as painless as possible for their master. - Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

I'm with her

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Yea, this take is very bad and nonsensical in the context of Los Angeles and Chicago. While NYC teachers stare down the barrel at 3% “raises”, LA teachers just won a contract that gives them a 21% raise over 3 years. How did they win that? They are STRIKE ready and the school district knows it. Unity’s desperate anti-strike propaganda gets more and more absurd by the hour.

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