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I’m disappointed that the MLC has negotiated beacon, EviCore, prior authorizations and co-pays. Our own unions watered down our healthcare. Just didn’t just happen. It was allowed to happen by the very people in power that were supposed to protect us. The plan you have was once robust. The diminished benefit, and the added cost passed on to actives, was approved by the MLC.

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I'm a retiree watching in horror as our healthcare battles persist. TY for this informative and important article. Your brave, persistent voices are opening up more eyes- including those of unsuspecting and extremely busy in-service members! That our current UFT leadership, and other prominent unions have not only been destroying our democratic process, but have been working hard (using misinformation, and all possible means for their financial fuel) to lead us into the arms of Big Insurance-Pharma (some of the worst profiteers in the world) in order to "solve" our unconscionable and ever rising healthcare costs (HONEST LEADERS would have fought this firsthand by now!) is insane. WE WANT THOSE RECEIPTS!!

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