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A Conversation with Arthur Goldstein; The Voices of the Westside High School Community And Their Fight Against DOE's Re-Site Proposal

Talk Out of School's Latest Podcast: Sunday, April 30th

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Daniel interviewed Arthur Goldstein, veteran educator, longtime union activist and former UFT executive board member and former chapter leader at Francis Lewis High School He is also the author of the award-winning education blog

We also shared the voices of the school community at Edward A. Reynolds West Side School in Manhattan as they call for justice, dignity and to not be evicted from their school building by the New York City Department of Education.

Episode Notes

  1. Arthur Goldstein's NYC Educator blog -

  2. Westside High School's fight to stop the re-site proposal:

You can learn more about this from the following news articles and statements: 

AM New York: “Upper West Side High Schoolers Protest DOE’s Plans to Relocate Their School to East Harlem”

Daily News: “Proposed Relocation Threatens Transfer Students Access to Critical Resources, Students and Teachers Say” 

I Love the Upper West Side: “Students, Families Protest Relocating Upper West Side High School to East Harlem” 

“Save West Side: A Poem from the Past, Present, and Future” by Lester Mayers  

SAVE E.A.R. Westside High School - The City's First (Alternative) Transfer School

“Why Break Up a Happy Home?”

NYC Parents Blog: Why is the Chancellor so unmoved by their pleas of the students, the staff, and local officials not to force the students of Edward Reynolds HS out of their building?