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Don’t Miss It! A Special 'Talk Out of School' Broadcast: Tonight at 7 PM

Join Daniel for a conversation with educator and comedian, Gaspare Randazzo. Also, we share the voices of community stakeholders against mayoral control of our New York City Schools.

Hello Tribe of Love!

Join me tonight, Sunday, December 17th, at 7 PM for a special ‘Talk Out of School’ broadcast. It will be live streamed on WBAI 99.5 FM and on

I chat with Gaspare Randazzo, veteran New York City educator, renowned stand-up comedian and podcaster. Gasper will be starring on the Netflix reality TV show, The Trust: A Game of Greed, that debuts in January.

Gaspare Randazzo, of Staten Island, is a NYC teacher in his 13th year in the classroom. When he’s not in the classroom, you can find Gaspare doing stand up comedy where he talks about his life as a teacher and his experiences dealing with students from all walks of life.

These non-conventional teaching stories will have teachers and non teachers alike finding themselves laughing and scratching their heads at just how outrageous they are! 

He also has an entertaining podcast called “Social Studies”, with former educator and comedian, Joe Dombrowski.

In the second segment, I will share the public hearing testimonies of parents, advocates, leaders and educators who voiced their concern about mayoral control of New York City Schools at the state’s public hearing in the Bronx, earlier this month.

You don’t want to miss this! Hope you will join us in just a bit. We will post the podcast here at The Wire, if you want to catch it later.

Lastly, here’s a funny clip from Gapsare’s Instagram page. Be sure to follow him!

WBAI: Live Stream

Gaspare Randazzo's Site

Gaspare's Instagram

Gaspare's TikTok

Chalkbeat: Mayoral Control Under Fire

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